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VE 1208-609 VERMOP Salmon GmbH Mop
White Magic Reinraum
Cleaning performance - particles (VDI 2083 part 17)
Particle emission (VDI 2083 part 9.1) (ISO Class 7)
HI 1803-1019 Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH cordless 22V hammer drill driver SF 6H-A22
Weight: 2 kg; Number of revolutions: Setting I: 0 rpm - 480 rpm Setting II: 0 rpm - 1600 rpm Maximum torque 50 Nm; Full hammering frequency: 28800 impacts/minute; Color: red; Dimensions (L x W x H): 212 x 92 x 210 mm
Manufacturing date: 1/2018
Particel emission (ISO 14644 part 14) (ISO Class 8)
RE 2011-1189 Regiolux GmbH ADAMP/600 LED 7500 940 DALI IP65

Cleaning performance - particles (VDI 2083 part 17) (ISO Class 1)
AT 2109-1258 attocube Systems AG ECSx5050/Al/NUM/RT

Cleaning performance - particles (VDI 2083 part 17) (ISO Class 6)
*Extract from VDI 2083 Part 9.1: "This guidline provides definitions of the terms "compatibility with the required cleanliness" and "cleanroom compatibility" and, based on these definitions, the classification and procedures serving to establish the suitability of equipment and air-handling components for use in environments whose air cleanliness and other parameters are assessed in accordance with technical rules (e.g. ISO 14644-1). For the purpose of this guideline, the classification is based on the particle emission.



Suitable for use in cleanroom areas of air cleanliness class ... according to ISO 14644-1*

Subject Of Test