Report No.downup Manufacturerdownup Product Namedownup Subject of Test (Result)downup
SC 0804-432 Schunk GmbH & Co. KG Harteloxal vs. 42CrMo4V
Material pairing CSM III 08
Harteloxal vs 42CrMo4V
ZE 0702-390 Carl Zeiss Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies AG Dicronite vs. Stainless Steel (X5)
Material pairing CSM II 31
Dicronite (WS2) vs Edelstahl (X5)
CO 0811-461 COLANDIS GmbH Sealing compound
Cleanseal T1
Cleanseal T1
FO 1001-506 Forbo Giubiasco SA Floor covering
ColoRex EC Everest (2010)
BU 1804-1032 BUCK d.o.o. Clean Room CLA/C Ex 600 x 600 mm
Clean Room CLA/C Ex-1015145
Color: White
FR 0302-287 nora systems GmbH Floor covering
noraplan sentica ed, recipe 948
SI 1403-695 Sika AG Floor covering
Sika-DecoFloor + Sikafloor-316
SI 1506-767 Sika AG floor covering
SR-305 W ESD; SR-269 ECF CR
color: RAL 7032; surface: smooth
SO 0806-440 Sommer-automatic GmbH Gripper
SO 0806-440 Sommer-automatic GmbH Gripper
SO 0806-440 Sommer-automatic GmbH Gripper
RGP 1810N-B
HF 0503-321 H&F Maschinenbau GmbH Welding equipment
H+F Maschinenbau GmbH
PF 0006-176 Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH Reinigungssystemwagen Clino CR3

PF 1103-546 Pfennig Reinigungstechnik GmbH cradle machine
EasyMop GMP System
AT 1605-823 Atlas Copco Tools (Schweden) MT Power Supply 8432 0840 01
AT 1605-823 Atlas Copco Tools (Schweden) MT Power Supply 8432 0840 02
RE 1501-745 Regiolux GmbH RX diffuser
Diffuser MP
color: transparent
OR 0001-166 Ortner c.l.s. GmbH SMIF-Boxen

RE 1501-745 Regiolux GmbH RX diffuser frame (extruded aluminium profile)
Alum. diffuser frame
FE 0611-372 Festo AG & Co. KG Air bearing

*Extract from VDI 2083 Part 9.1: "This guidline provides definitions of the terms "compatibility with the required cleanliness" and "cleanroom compatibility" and, based on these definitions, the classification and procedures serving to establish the suitability of equipment and air-handling components for use in environments whose air cleanliness and other parameters are assessed in accordance with technical rules (e.g. ISO 14644-1). For the purpose of this guideline, the classification is based on the particle emission.



Suitable for use in cleanroom areas of air cleanliness class ... according to ISO 14644-1*

Subject Of Test