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DENSO WAVE Incorporated
1, Yoshiike, Kusaki, Agui-cho, Chita-gun
470-2297 Aichi

Contact Person

Yousuke Sawada
Phone +81-569-49-1591
Email fa-support@denso-wave.co.jp
Website www.denso-wave.com

Test Object

Robot VS050S2-AV6-R1
Q-Id DE 1511-792
Year 2015
Comments Weight: 38 kg Range: 520 mm Manufacturing date: 01/2015
Category Robotics

Tests And Results

Subject of Test Parameter Assessment for / Results Documents
(valid to)
Riboflavin test (VDMA information leaflet)
Based on VDMA information leaflet / The assessed cleanability of the robot system is regarded as sufficient for a subsequent safe application of validated room or isolator decontamination methods, such as vaporized hydrogen peroxide
Based on VDMA information leaflet / The riboflavin test showed that only a few areas are not fully cleanable. All other surfaces can be cleaned effectively using a validated wiping procedure.
Based on VDMA information leaflet / Provided a user risk assessment determines the cleaning efficacy of the above-mentioned critical areas to be acceptable, the preceding cleaning process fulfills the requirement stated in ISO 13408-6 for a subsequent biodecontamination step.
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