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Megalite Europe B.V.
Geloerveldweg 17
5951DH Venlo

Contact Person

M. Moshrefi
Phone +31 77 / 475 74 80 -88
Email moshrefi@megalite.com
Website www.megalite.com/

Test Object

Lighting System
Q-Id ME 1406-712
Year 2014
Comments Lamps: 3 x 36 W TC-L Colour: white Dimension (Length x Width x Height): 565 mm x 565 mm x 110 mm
Category Lighting Systems

Tests And Results

Subject of Test Parameter Assessment for / Results Documents
(valid to)
Particle emission (VDI 2083 part 9.1) frequency (sinusoidal oscillation): 50 Hz
oscillation velocity: 0,201 mm/s
oscillation acceleration: 0,094 mm/s²
oscillation of the system: 0,00039 mm
ISO 14644-1 / ISO Class 1 (mit Einschränkung/ with limitation)
US FED 209E / US Class -
/ It must be pointed out, that according to ISO 14644-1 cleanrooms classes 1 to 5 have a high number of filters, which makes the use of luminairs partly impossible. Cleanrooms with horizontal laminar flow are an exception.
/ The test result may be influenced by the surrounding ceiling system (material pairing luminaire – ceiling frame) and other mounting accessories. The particle emission behaviour should be re-assesd in individual mounting situations.
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