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Sommer-automatic GmbH
Pforzheimer Straße 70
76275 Ettlingen

Contact Person

Mr. Maik Decker
Phone +49-7243-727-2411
Email maik.decker@sommer-automatic.com
Website www.sommer-automatic.com

Test Object

Cleanroom flat swivel unit
series RSF
with shock absorber
Q-Id SO 0905-487
Year 2009
Category Transfer Systems and Bearing

Tests And Results

Subject of Test Parameter Assessment for / Results Documents
(valid to)
Particle emission (VDI 2083 part 9.1) 6 bar
cycles 12/min
ISO 14644-1 / ISO Class 5
US FED 209E / US Class 100
certificate 1 de
certificate 1 en
statement 1 de