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Manz Automation AG
Steigäckerstrasse 13
72768 Reutlingen

Contact Person

Harald Eberhardt
Phone 07121 9000 862
Email heberhardt@manz.com
Website www.manz-automation.com

Test Object

Conveyor System
MCS Manz
Q-Id MA 1108-570
Year 2011
Category Transfer Systems and Bearing

Tests And Results

Subject of Test Parameter Assessment for / Results Documents
(valid to)
Particle emission (VDI 2083 part 9.1) load (glass plate)
load (size) 1000x400x2,3 cmxcmxcm
load (weight) 5,3 kg
motion sequence (oscillating)
motion sequence (acceleration) 0,25 m/s²
motion sequence (velocity) 40 m/min
ISO 14644-1 / ISO Class 5
US FED 209E / US Class
certificate 1 en
statement 1 en